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3 Day Horseback Cow Elk Hunt
• 3 Day Cow or Calf Elk Horseback Hunt: $1,250 for 1 Tag, $1,550 for 2 Tags, $1,850 for 3 Tags
• 7000 Elk winter every year on the National Elk Refuge
• Harvest up to 2 Cow or Calf Elk
It's a great hunt for young and old!

Application Deadlines for Elk
Elk Applications period is Jan 1-Jan 31st, Hunt areas are: 79 and 75, Results of the draw on the 29th of February. We recommend that you apply for a Grand Teton National Park hunt area 75-4 or a 75-6 type six Elk lLcense. That way we can hunt in both the National Elk Refuge and Grand Teton National Park.

Elk Hunting in the National Elk Refuge
The starting point for hunting elk on the National Elk Refuge is obtaining a valid Wyoming elk hunting license through the Wyoming Game & Fish Department. Once hunters have a valid license, they are eligible to apply for an elk hunting permit on the refuge (Hunt Area 77).

The permission slip for the National Elk Refuge allows the hunter to use a valid elk license from any other Hunt Unit in the state of Wyoming within the National Elk Refuge. In years past, there have been leftover area 75 tags that you can buy over the counter in July if you miss the drawing deadline in January.

The National Elk Refuge, Elk Hunting Information and Regulations four-page handout thoroughly explains the refuge permit application process, along with general elk hunting information, special regulations, access and travel while hunting, and retrieval of harvested animals. Click HERE to download.

Elk hunters should also remember that permit holders with two valid Wyoming elk hunting licenses may use and fill both licenses while hunting on the refuge. Elk hunters attempting to fill two valid licenses during the same hunt period do not need to apply for two refuge permits. National Elk Refuge Elk Hunting »

TagNDrag is the only outfitter offering hunts in Grand Teton National Park and on the Jackson Wyoming National Elk Refuge.

Hunt Refund Policy: A full refund will be given for any of the following: no license draw, death, official military orders or transfer overseas, or serious illness with doctor verification, the deposit is non-refundable.